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Astrology Remedies Gems

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Astrology Remedies Gems

Since long Gems are in use for medical and astrological reasons and objectives.Gems are believed to have magical powers to heal and casting  particular type of cosmic  influences on mind and body.

It is used to wear as part of  jewellary in normal way and as bhasma ( powder as ash ) in ayurveda .Apart from ornamental values Gems are sought for gaining power and prosperity in life.

Gems except diamond are required to touch the body if are used on astrological consideration.

About six theories are in circulation , based on which gems are prescribed.Obviously no uniformity is found in prescribing gems beacuse of existence of many belief system.

This situation makes prescription of gems a very difficult task.We prescribe Gems after carefully assessing planetary positions in Natal and other essential varga charts based on knowledge of Tradition.Naturally we take care of objectve in mind for which gems is worn .

Out of many theories , two concepts are vital. one is based on colour and other is based on energy balance .Gems are also like yantra and dieties are seated in it , if Gem is invoked with proper worship and invocation .

We do not sell gems but we advise if Gems can be gainfully employed by consultee , if he has any specific objective in mind or is seen while doing reading that prescription of Gem will be helpful.


Astrologically Gems available in market could be variously treated and may have residual radiative or energical properties therefore Gems can cause hazards also. This fact should not be forgotten.Lastly invoked gems expects high degree of purity in heart and action.



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