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Astrology Remedies Tantra

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Astrology Remedies Tantra


Most of tantra literature scripture are still unpublished.


Tantra is defined as a integrated knowledge that describes a complete system of worship to a cosmic entity that is capable to save a man from all impending dangers.

It should consists of all related ritual to achieve blessings and protection  of Higher powers.

This knowlege is gven by Lord Shiva and is called as Agam  also.Normally a set of minimum five  parts of worship are described in it. they are : Patal, paddhati kavach sahastranam and strotra .


Highest among tantra is Tantrik practices of Sri Vidya.Being a complete system of worship .

Tantra has all the three parts called Mantra, Yantra and Tantra .

Tantra as a discipline is extremely useful , if one gets associated with a tradition and is initiated by a parampra Guru.


Tantra has nothing to do with sex in form it  is propogated by some.Sanskrit is a highly  symbolical language and easily interpretable wrongly .Vam marg should be avoided.

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