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Astrological readings

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Astrological Readings

A) We guarantee complete confidentiality. The analysis is based on several   tested methods of ancient and modern astrology like Vedic Hindu astrology and its subset like KP, System Analysis as well as Jaimini application as taught in Sri Achyut parampara of Orissa.  Some other methods of Tajak ,  Horary ,  progression and thithi returns, Nadi  are also made use of in case , confirmation of prediction is felt necessary and prediction are offered  on the basis of supplied events and data.

B) The astrological readings can be conducted by phone or Skype ( if desired, but this requires prior appointment. We also record the prediction audio and the MP3 recording and efforts are made to upload for delivery as soon as edited for size and quality acceptable. Upload is on Our FTP site and an email is sent with download instruction .We have now discontinued sending   written reading... The MP3 recording helps for your future reference.

Only specific Astrological reading of the chart, picking up relevant areas for the client on matters that are of interest are considered. Other subsidiary activities; such as past life debts,  curses, and giving remedies , for the same are touched in cases desired.  Small Time   Rectification is part of readings usually wherever essential, and specific questions such as chart matching, and times for choosing events will also be answered if it forms part of request.

To see currency rates for your country, please go to Please find the price list mentioned below. You may pay using Credit Card through your Pay pal account. If you do not have one, you may create it for free at

Other options for payments are also available, and you may like to enquire by sending e mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  or   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Ph Numbers India 91-94122-68768  USA +1-(201)-884-9075

Sr. No Matter Donation In US Dollars
1 General matters $100
2 Specific problems example: job health, marriage, litigation $75 per issue i.e different matter
3 Prasna/Horary/Per question-KP method/,Vedic Nadi etc $75
4 Event initation/muhurta/Timing $50
5 Yearly readings if Sl 1 is done in past or now $50 If Now please add $100
6 Astrological Remedies $75
7 Relationship $75
8 Vastu guidance $50
9 Any other matter-Custom Please Mail
10 Live readings   (after appointment)    150 $ Per half hour Min Hours expected 60 Minutes. After one hour additional rates apply @ 25$ per quarter of hour or part of it. Please Mail and confirm availability before paying
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