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Please fill in the form below for the Person your query is about. Once done, You may press the Submit Button and then Pay the respective Paypal Amount according to the Donation price list, to send Consultation Charges, after which the readings will be sent to you through our FTP site to your E-mail Address. It usually takes a week for prediction.
First Name* :: The First Name. This is required.
Last Name* :: The Last Name. This is required.
Email* :: Your Email address. This is required.
Date of Birth(DD/MM/YYYY)* :: The Date of Birth in the format (DD/MM/YYYY). This is required.
Time of Birth(XX:YY AM/PM)* :: Time in the format (XX:YY AM/PM). This is required to be accurate until the query is about Birth Time correction
City of Birth* :: This is required.
State of Birth* :: State of the Birth Place. This is required.
Country of Birth* :: Country of the Birth. This is required.
Time Zone(Birth) :: Enter if you have it in hand.
About your Social Background and important things about your life* :: Enter whatever you want to tell to us. All of this will remain confidential.
Horary number is needed if you want us to answer a specific question. Enter a random number that comes to your mind after forming the question:
Horary Number(Between 1 and 108)* :: This is required.
KP Number is required only when you want the KP method to be used. Enter a random number that comes to your mind after forming the question:
KP Number(Between 1 to 249)* :: This is normally not required.

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