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Vedic Astrology Consultation Services

All payment in advance but only after confirmation of appointment.Furnishing of data before seeking appointment is necessary .Readingsare in MP3 format with small doc if necessary.

We offer Astrological Consultation for a vast variety of matters like Health, Career, Relationships, Love, and Marriages.You are encouraged to submit your Astrological Query and read the Home page for discount offers before paying, if there are any at the time you are visiting.

1. Vedic reading includes an examination of Birth time known to examine if it match with life events, if furnished.

2. We conduct prasna session (horary), usually in case you do not have Birth time. Prashna Session (Kriya) it serves to solve your problem. However lost horoscopy cases are also done if situation so demands.

3. We  provide guidance  in case  any tantric, puja, mantra yantra or gem stones for specific purposes are desired. At present we do not sell any ammulates ( kavach) Gem stones , Tantra articles and puja mateials  etc.

Special rates IN indian Rupees w.e.f.  1 jan 2010 applicable only for Customers in INDIA.


Sr. No Matter Donation In Indian Rupees
1 General matters 2500/-
2 Specific problems example: job health, marriage, litigation 1500/-
3 Prasna/Horary/Per question-KP method/,Vedic Nadi etc 1000/-
4 Event initation/muhurta/Timing 500/-
5 Yearly readings if Sl 1 is done in past or now please add 700/-
6 Astrological Remedies 2000/-
7 Relationship 1500/-
8 Vastu guidance 1000/-
9 Any other matter-Custom Please Mail
10 Live readings   (after appointment)    2500/- half hour Min Hours expected 60 Minutes. After one hour additional rates apply . Please Mail and confirm availability before paying


Details of Bank supplied once appointment is agreed.

4. Higher level remedies and guidance based on spiritual roots are only advised, that are safe and elevating.



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swami R C Srivastava

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